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Maui Leak Detection Services

Detecting Obvious & Hidden Leaks in Your Plumbing

Not all plumbing leaks are created equal. Some leaks are easy to detect, such as a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. Others are more difficult to locate, since they may occur behind a wall or under the floor. If you suspect there is a leak in your home, call All Aloha Plumbing for reliable leak detection service in Maui. Our plumbers are trained, experienced, and equipped to find the source of the leak and prevent serious damage to your home.

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Warning Signs You May Have a Plumbing Leak

When you consider that most of your plumbing system is located under the floors, behind the walls, or under the ceiling, it is easy to see how a leak could be missed. Although you can’t see your entire plumbing system, there are some signs that indicate you may have a problem.

Below are some warning signs that you may have a leak:

  • Sounds of running water, even when no water is turned on
  • Higher water bills than normal
  • A musty odor
  • Mold growth on walls
  • Water stains on the walls, floors or ceiling

Act Now Before It Causes Further Damage

If a leak is not detected, it can result in serious water damage to your home including mold growth, structural damage, and other problems. If you notice any of the above signs of a leak, do not hesitate to have a plumber assess the problem and locate the source of the leak. Our Maui plumbers are equipped to locate even difficult to detect leaks.

Advanced Leak Detection Technology

All Aloha Plumbing uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide reliable leak detection in Maui and solve problems with leaks. We have the training, experience, and equipment to locate hidden leaks, even those that are complex and difficult to find. We will inspect your plumbing system, determine the source of the problem, and recommend the most effective repair solution to prevent further damage to your home.

Call (808) 891-6428 for more information about leak detection in Maui and to arrange service at your home.

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