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Drain Cleaning in Kihei, HI

All Aloha Plumbing, the top plumber in Maui, Hawaii, offers drain services and plumbing repairs specialist that customers trust. When clogs or other issues affect your drains, be sure to get in touch with us immediately. We provide drain cleaning in Kihei, HI, and nearby areas. Drains allow gray water and waste to flush out of your drain system. Unfortunately, most people do not think about the overall functionality of their drains until there is a problem.

Common Drain Issues, Their Causes, and Their Symptoms

Food particles and cooking fat gradually create clogs in the drain pipes. For bathroom drains, there are hair and soap buildup that gradually accumulate in the lines. Sometimes, there are other foreign matters, such as a child’s toy, that actually get flushed down a drain.

Initially, our customers notice a slowing of the drain. This means that the water does not drain as rapidly as it used to. It is easy to ignore this symptom. However, if you allow it to go on for too long, the clog will only worse. Finally, there is a complete drain backup. This means that water no longer drains or only does so at a minute pace.

Advantages of Our Drain Cleaning Service Over DIY

Many customers will first attempt to clean the drains on their own. This sometimes involves hazardous chemicals that can splash back and cause severe injuries. When you hire a plumber from All Aloha Plumbing to do the job, there is no need for caustic cleaners and similar liquids. Instead, we might insert a tool that breaks up and flushes away the clog. Therefore, you will not deal with any remnants of the problem.

All Aloha Plumbing’s Drain Cleaning Options

We attack each clog after careful consideration. For example, a soap and hair clog needs an approach that differs from one that involves a foreign object.


Our plumber selects an appropriate drain snake for the job. It is perfectly designed for your drains. These snakes are ideal tools for cleaning drains even in older homes.


Rely on our plumbing experts with the removal of scale buildup in your drains. This step is of particular importance when the drain system is older. Doing so boosts flow capacity by removing any buildup as well as corrosion.

Hydro Jetting

After removing the clogs and buildup, our plumber can send a high-pressure stream of water through the drain. It dislodges any last remnants of the buildup to leave the drains clean and clear of debris. Our hydro jetting service is a modern and environmentally friendly option for drain cleaning in Kihei, HI, and the surrounding areas.

We Provide Other Drain Services

The All Aloha Plumbing team also offers other drain services. For example, if tree roots are invading your plumbing lines, we can remove them. We typically recommend a camera inspection to be sure that we use the best practice for a comprehensive removal. We are also your trusted emergency plumbing specialist. Our technicians know that drains do not just back up during business hours. This is why we offer around-the-clock access to our services.

Contact Our Trusted Team Today

Whether you need plumbing repairs or after-hour emergency plumbing services, we can help. Contact us today to get in touch with a local plumber in Maui. You may also reach out to us whenever you need the following:

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