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Sewer Repair in Wailea, HI

One of the most common emergency plumbing calls that your trusted plumber in Maui, HI, and nearby areas receive has to do with sewer problems. Customers reach out to All Aloha Plumbing because a small problem suddenly got big. It may be time for one of our sewer inspections. Once we determine the issue, we can recommend sewer repair in Wailea, HI, and the surrounding areas.

Signs Your Sewer Needs Repair

Often, there are warning signs that your sewer lines are in trouble. For example, you might hear gurgling noises in the sewer pipes. Next, there is the telltale smell that comes from escaping sewer gas or sewage. Many customers report that the water levels in their toilet bowls are inconsistent, which is indicative of slow drains.

Occasionally, homeowners have done some construction work on their property and accidentally damaged a sewer pipe. However, there are far more common causes of sewer damage. Invasive tree roots are at the top of the list. These roots crack pipes and cause sewage to back up. When the amount of roots in the line gets too much for the line to handle, it can burst. Some homeowners pour grease down the sewer line. They reason that sewer pipes are bigger than drain lines, and, therefore, do not clog. This is not true, as the grease hardens and creates a buildup on the sides of the drains. Eventually, a clog develops that backs sewage up. There are also times when lines simply age and sag. There might have been some shifting of the ground. Combined with aging pipes, it is possible for connectors to weaken. As a result, sewage escapes.

How Our Sewer Camera Inspections Help

Your top plumber in Maui, HI, and the surrounding areas takes the guesswork out of what might have happened to your sewer pipes. This specialist conducts sewer inspections with a camera. You can look over the expert’s shoulder and see exactly what they see. This gives you a real-time look at the current condition – and problems – that your sewer lines experience.

Advantages of Professional Sewer Repairs

Once we determine the issue, we will suggest a course of action. As we specialize in sewer repair in Wailea, HI, and nearby areas, you will benefit from our expertise. It is essential that you take care of the problem right away since it will continue to worsen. Moreover, this is not the time for a DIY approach to plumbing repairs. Sewage can lead to disease, and it makes sense to have an expert take care of the problem.

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Do not put off the repairs to your sewer pipes any longer. All Aloha Plumbing is your reliable plumber in Maui, HI, and the surrounding areas that is ready to assist you right away. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. In addition to emergency plumbing, plumbing repairs, and sewer pipe repairs, we provide: 

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